LEF is currently offering FREE support services to help newcomers become more confident using online resources and programs.

This Digital Skills Support program will help individuals build their digital literacy through personalized skill development coaching.

By increasing participant’s technical understanding, newcomers will gain the skills needed to access important online settlement resources and supports.

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Su Nguyen


Participants must be IRCC Eligible (Permanent Resident or Convention Refugee)

Program Highlights

Thorough personalized assessments of clients’ unique needs and barriers. Offered online, in person, or by phone, with translation options provided.

Individualized supports, curriculum, and coaching models developed by a dedicated Digital Navigator.

Follow up timelines and on-going support to ensure clients are meeting their established goals.

Wrap-around supports and referrals to settlement resources and community services.

Instruction delivered with flexible scheduling, pedagogies, and formats responsive to clients’ needs, including:

  • 1:1 or group settings
  • Online, in person, or by phone
  • Accessible library of high-quality resources
  • Workshops and tutorials